Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

Work Type: Full Time

About AppsforBharat:

We are developing a range of mobile and web apps that will holistically address the 
devotional and spiritual needs of our users. Our first app (Sri Mandir) was launched in November 2020 — this app is at the intersection of spiritual offerings and gaming, and with that, we are moving a large offline behaviour online. It already has 1+ million Monthly Active Users with a 4.8 rating on Google Play Store.

The user love that we have been getting is overwhelming & inspiring; and with our growth rate, we will be serving tens of millions of users in a few months from now.

We are alumni of IITs & IIMs, and have previously built and scaled high-growth startups. We are a Series-A funded startup, backed by Sequoia Capital, Elevation Capital, BEENEXT, and Matrix Partners. We are now adding more hands to our team in Bengaluru, India.

Hero App Srimandir:

Sri Mandir is a flagship product that is conceptualised, developed and promoted by AppsForBharat.
Sri Mandir is created to fulfil the devotional and spiritual needs of hundreds of millions of Indian users. Sri Mandir offers a virtual temple experience where devotees can set up their own temple, offers utilitarian sections where one can view daily Panchang and take astrology consultation, and also helps people connect with religious institutes, and cultural leaders through communities. Sri Mandir also offers a carefully curated vast repository of ancient texts, mythological stories, simple versions of Geeta interpretation and stories about saints and their life to know more depth of Hinduism.

Tech Stack

Our current tech stack is a mix of classic and cloud-native infra: PHP, Python, RDS MySQL, AWS EC2, Kotlin, Amazon CDK.

Your Responsibilities

  1. You will build, maintain and manage web components.

  2. You will deliver new user-facing features optimized for maximum speed and scalability.

  3. You will implement security measures to build resilience and track possible failure points.

  4. You will be responsible for building scalable and reliable web applications.

  5. You will be building and maintaining centralized libraries for similar projects. 

  6. You will implement and consume a robust set of services and APIs to power the web application.


  1. You have 5+ years of experience in building high quality web interfaces. 

  2. You have mastery of standard front-end technologies like modern HTML, CSS, JavaScript (we use React, Redux, Webpack and more), REST, and JSON.

  3. You have expertise in working with Ajax and asynchronous requests, partial page updates and PWAs.

  4. You are well versed with client-side persistence tech like Caching, Service Workers, Sessions and DOM manipulation. 

  5. You have experience in building performant, decoupled, testable, maintainable code.

  6. You have experience with open source libraries, tools and frameworks (e.g. for logging, browser debugging and troubleshooting).

  7. You have an eye for well functioning user interfaces, and have at least cursory insight into both design and UX principles.

  8. You possess proficient knowledge of Web Performance Optimisations

  9. You have meticulous and deep attention to detail is a must.

Good to Have

  1. You have hands-on experience working with or building consumer tech platforms.

  2. You have experience applying static typing in Javascript (for example TypeScript or Flow).

  3. You are excited about the latest trends in application design.

  4. You have experience with agile software development methodologies like Kanban or Scrum.

Additional Perks

Our office is located in the green and leafy streets of HSR Layout, Bangalore, and is designed to feel like a mindfulness zone with the sound of falling water, greenery, great books to read, great coffee/tea, and a great team alongside you to build with.

As a company, we believe in autonomous small teams for maximum impact. We strive for organizational growth to align with your growth as an individual. We sincerely work towards building an inclusive culture where we celebrate your individuality and ideas are encouraged by everyone. We seek people who naturally demonstrate our values, who understand India, the challenge ahead of us, but can also solve this for the rest of the world. In addition, we also have:

  • A competitive salary.

  • Equity in a high growth & great potential company.

  • Peaceful & pet-friendly office at the heart of HSR Layout.

  • Medical cover for you and your loved ones.

Do your most meaningful work alongside us. Be a part of something big!

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