Content POD Owner

Work Type: Full Time

About AppsforBharat:

We are developing a range of mobile and web apps that will holistically address the devotional and spiritual needs of our users. Our first app (Sri Mandir) was launched in November 2020 — this app is at the intersection of spiritual offerings and gaming, and with that, we are moving a large offline behaviour online. It already has 1+ million Monthly Active Users with a 4.8 rating on Google Play Store.

The user love that we have been getting is overwhelming & inspiring; and with our growth rate, we will be serving tens of millions of users in a few months from now.

We are alumni of IITs & IIMs, and have previously built and scaled high-growth startups. We are a Series-A funded startup, backed by Sequoia Capital, Elevation Capital, BEENEXT, and Matrix Partners. We are now adding more hands to our team in Bengaluru, India.

Hero App Srimandir:

Sri Mandir is a flagship product that is conceptualised, developed and promoted by AppsForBharat.
Sri Mandir is created to fulfil the devotional and spiritual needs of hundreds of millions of Indian users. Sri Mandir offers a virtual temple experience where devotees can set up their own temple, offers utilitarian sections where one can view daily Panchang and take astrology consultation, and also helps people connect with religious institutes, and cultural leaders through communities. Sri Mandir also offers a carefully curated vast repository of ancient texts, mythological stories, simple versions of Geeta interpretation and stories about saints and their life to know more depth of Hinduism.

As a POD Owner you will:

  • Play a critical role in identifying which categories we should expand into (based on viewership and monetization potential)

  • Deliver unique and engaging content experiences to the consumers

  • Ideating the overall content, partnering with the authors and proactively creating the new & engaging content formats

  • Lead and launch New YouTube channels (Categories like- Mythology stories, festive information, daily updates around devotion and astrology etc) by managing channel-specific teams and their KPIs.

  • Plan the content strategy of each channel, factoring in data from previously released videos, to achieve breakneck growth in KPIs.

  • Serve as the in-house expert in content, SEO, thumbnails, and production, advising your team on high-quality solutions to problems specific to their functions.

  • Take charge of the culture, learning, and development of the teams of channels to create an atmosphere where each team member is motivated to perform at their A-game.

  • Conduct performance reviews and give timely feedback to your team members.

  • Managing the overall P&L of the new YouTube channels by finding opportunities to grow engagement

  • Conduct hiring as and when required.

  • Maintain compliance of your team with organisational processes and procedures.

Competencies and Skills Required

The major skills and competencies required for this role include:

  • A strong understanding of our audience and of other YouTube channels similar to ours. You relate to the problems of our audience and can define the vision of a channel to systematically address the problems in a differentiated way compared to other YouTube channels. 

  • Understanding of content strategy, SEO, thumbnails, and production. You’re a strong generalist who can solve problems in all areas with expertise in a few areas. 

  • In-depth knowledge of key metrics of YouTube channels and a detailed understanding of drivers of those key metrics. You’re a person who understands key levers to be used for influencing specific metrics.

  • Quantitative bent of mind with an ability to diagnose the health of a channel through its metrics. All you need is a spreadsheet to understand the key problem areas of a channel.

  • Extreme curiosity and creativity with an experimentation mindset to explore new content categories, formats, and growth opportunities. You’re a person who loves exploring and critically analysing other YouTube channels in your free time.

  • Self-initiative and problem-solving mindset. You’re excited by problems and love figuring out solutions for them. You take charge of your division and don’t wait to be told what to do. 

  • The composure of mind in tough situations. You keep your calm when times get tough and serve as an anchor to your team.

  • Ability to connect with and gain the respect of team members from varied backgrounds. You’re a natural leader that everyone looks up to and wants to work with. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • At least 3 years of experience in the media industry.

  • Experience of 2 or more years managing YouTube channels.

Additional Perks

Our office is located in the green and leafy streets of HSR Layout, Bangalore, and is designed to feel like a mindfulness zone with the sound of falling water, greenery, great books to read, great coffee/tea, and a great team alongside you to build with.

As a company, we believe in autonomous small teams for maximum impact. We strive for organizational growth to align with your growth as an individual. We sincerely work towards building an inclusive culture where we celebrate your individuality and ideas are encouraged by everyone. We seek people who naturally demonstrate our values, who understand India, the challenge ahead of us, but can also solve this for the rest of the world. In addition, we also have:

  • A competitive salary.

  • Equity in a high growth & great potential company.

  • Peaceful & pet-friendly office at the heart of HSR Layout.

  • Medical cover for you and your loved ones.

Do your most meaningful work alongside us. Be a part of something big!

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